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Future-Fit Leadership (FFL) Coach Accreditation​


Future-Fit Leadership (FFL) Coach Accreditation

The Future-Fit Leadership Framework (FFLF) is a systemic skills-based model to develop workforce and leadership capabilities for today’s digital environment with evolving impact of AI.

It offers a holistic approach to developing future-ready leadership by integrating principles from current leadership concepts, research, and practice. The FFLF is rooted in the concepts of Leadership Maturity, Transformational Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, and Adult Development Theory.

The FFLF guides the transformation from leadership of the past to next generation leadership. Leadership Maturity requires a shift to post-conventional, creative leadership that prioritizes purpose, customer-centricity, empowering leadership, ecosystem collaboration, systemic change and digital capability (including integration of AI).

In alignment with and supporting the shift towards post-conventional leadership, we offer the Future-Fit Leadership (FFL) Coach Accreditation. This program empowers coaches to guide leaders in navigating the complexities of the future, address the skill gap and build required capabilities in organizations, and contribute to upskilling and talent development.


Who is FFL Coach Accreditation For?

We offer accreditation to administer our Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) and deliver our Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) for professionals with a recognized accreditation and experience in leadership coaching. Qualifying experience may include work as a leadership coach, educator, trainer, facilitator or consultant, and HR professionals.

To obtain accreditation, you have the option to pursue either our Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) Accreditation and the Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) Accreditation separately, although we recommend accreditation in both the FFLA and the FFLP to be able to deliver a comprehensive L&D and Talent Management Program in your organization or to your clients.

Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) Accreditation

The FFLA Accreditation includes the tools and knowledge to implement our FFLA Self- and 360° Assessment. The resulting reports highlight the leader’s strengths and areas for potential growth. As an FFL Coach, you will provide a personalised/individual development plan based on the data from the assessment, to help leaders unlock their full potential and lead with confidence in the future of work.

FFL Circle with 8 core capabilities

Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) Accreditation

The FFLP Accreditation encompasses eight modules, each focusing on a core skill area of future-fit leadership. HR professionals, coaches, facilitators, and trainers can opt to acquire Accreditation on a per-module basis within the FFLP Accreditation program. This modular approach allows individuals to tailor their accreditation journey based on their own or their clients’ interests, their areas of expertise and experience.

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What do I need to register?

• Prior coaching experience or relevant education in leadership coaching.
• Reliable internet connection and a device (laptop/computer) for online participation to the virtual accreditation session.

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