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Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) Coach Accreditation


Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) Coach Accreditation​

Get Accredited in The Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP): Eight Core Modules in Four Days – The Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip leaders with the essential skills and mindset needed to thrive in today’s complex landscape. With eight core modules spread over four days, coaches gain practical tools, strategies, and insights to support their organizations / clients assess their existing future-fit leadership capabilities, strategically use their strengths and address skill gaps with tailored development programs.

Our flexible accreditation approach allows participants to tailor their learning journey, pursuing accreditation on a per-module basis. This modular approach, informed by Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) results, ensures relevance, impact, and a data-based approach.

Self-paced learning activities enhance the learner experience, and scenario-based activities cater to diverse learning needs and the real-life application of the Future-Fit concepts. Social learning opportunities and the FFLX foster collaboration and experience exchange throughout the FFL Accreditation journey.

Join us and become a future-fit leader coach, trainer, and / or facilitator ready to support organizations and your clients systematically tackle today’s challenges with next generation leadership capabilities.


Contents of the FFLP: Eight Core Modules

Steps to Become an Accredited FFLP Trainer / Facilitator

1. Register
2. Participants take FFLA – Self-Report.
3. Group debrief with FFL Licensed Practitioner.
4. Modules are selected based on trainers/ coaches / facilitators area of focus or interest.
5. FFLP is customized to trainers/ coaches / facilitators’ needs.
6. Trainers/ coaches / facilitators participate in first selected workshop.
7. Introduction to Module: Identify challenges and learning goals.
8. Insights applied to participants’ coaching practices and peer exchange.
9. Self-paced learning per module.
10. Participants advance through FFLP accreditation programme workshops.
11. Accreditation on completion of FFLP accreditation programme.


  • FFLP Trainer Guidebook

Who is FFLP Accreditation For?

The FFLA Accreditation is designed for:

  • Leadership coaches and consultants
  • HR professionals
  • Leadership educators and trainers
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