Future-Fit Leadership – A Guidebook to Thrive in Today’s Dynamic Digital Environment


Future-Fit Leadership Guidebook

Future-Fit Leadership – A Guidebook to Thrive in Today’s Dynamic Digital Environment available from May 24 to empower leaders with innovative strategies for successfully leading. themselves, their teams and organizations in the evolving digital landscape.


According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report in 2023, over 44% of jobs will face disruption due to AI in the next five years. In the rapidly evolving digital economy, leadership must adapt to unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The Future-Fit Leadership – A Guidebook to Thrive in Today’s Dynamic Digital Environment responds to this urgent need for innovative, post-conventional leadership to navigate this transformative era.

A future-fit leader is committed to building a sustainable and equitable future, equipped to navigate the complexities of the changing workplace. They skilfully balance human intelligence with the positive impact of generative AI. They excel in purpose-driven, inclusive, and collaborative leadership, balancing short-term needs with long-term visionary goals. Becoming a future-fit leader involves cultivating a growth mindset, embracing change and adaptation, demonstrating agility, and committing to continuous learning and upskilling the workforce for the future of work.

Rooted in the scientifically validated Future-Fit Leadership Framework (FFLF) developed in collaboration with the Organizational Behavior, Change Management, and Consultancy (OBCC) department at the University of Twente (Netherlands), this book serves as a comprehensive reference and professional development tool for leaders and organizations. As organizations are moving to skills-based talent management, we embrace a skills-based approach to leadership development, offering practical strategies to align leadership capabilities with the demands of the digital age.

Each chapter of the guidebook focuses on one of the eight core future skills required to lead in today’s environment. The guidebook explores contemporary, practical frameworks and serves as a gateway to a transformative journey, enhancing awareness of future work trends and adaptability. Rooted in the Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA), which provides a thorough assessment of leadership capabilities, strengths and areas for growth crucial for success in the digital era, the guidebook offers a holistic approach to leadership development, empowering leaders to thrive in today’s dynamic, digital environment. The accompanying FFL skills-based digital learning program enhances the relevance and impact of the content enabling a personalized and immersive learning experience to engage diverse learner needs. Using Gen AI, the skill-based learning simulations support learner engagement and ensure the program is scalable and adapted to a global audience.


Embark on a transformative journey through our guidebook’s eight themed chapters. Designed as a dynamic framework, the guidebook empowers leaders to reflect on their current practices, adapt those practices, and upskill teams to meet the evolving demands of the future workplace. Each chapter explores key themes such as self-awareness, adaptive leadership, collaboration, and sustainability, fostering a mindset and capabilities essential for success.

Chapter 1: Self-Aware Leadership
Chapter 2: Learning and Growth
Chapter 3: Adaptive Leadership
Chapter 4: Collaboration
Chapter 5: Empowering Leadership
Chapter 6: Inclusive Leadership
Chapter 7: Creativity and Innovation
Chapter 8: Sustainability Leadership

Target Audience

This book is particularly interesting for:

  • First line and senior leaders across multiple industries seeking to enhance their own leadership capabilities and their teams’ skills in the BANI environment.
  • Business universities, colleges, and L&D professional seeking reliable, scientifically validated resources for contemporary leadership development.
  • Researchers, students, and individuals interested in personal development and leadership maturity for the digital environment.

“The Organisational Behaviours, Change Management and Consultancy group of the University of Twente was actively involved in the creation of the groundbreaking Future-Fit Leadership Assessment. This comprehensive leadership model meticulously captures all eight dimensions and their respective five sub-dimensions, as outlined in the book. Throughout the development process, we remained committed to drawing upon cutting edge knowledge from the forefront of academic literature in the field of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Psychology, which served as our guiding inspiration when selecting the key constructs.”

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