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Because leaders are made, not born, they need guidance to navigate the transformation of their organizations and THRIVE in the changed environment.


Future-Fit Leadership Ecosystem

The Leadership (Development) Ecosystem initiates a paradigm shift, from perceiving leadership solely within closed organizational entities to recognizing leadership as a dynamic force in boundaryless, collaborative, and networked communities.

Thinking of leadership development within the ecosystem requires the active participation of organizations and teams within broader collaborative environments.

Ecosystem collaboration is crucial for leadership development in the future-of-work landscape. Future-fit leadership values collaboration and community-building, departing from traditional, organization-centric leadership.


The key attributes of leadership in business ecosystems encompass:


Infusing a higher purpose into leadership, aligning partnerships and collaboration with a meaningful mission that extends beyond profit, that resonates with stakeholders.

Boundaryless Mindset

Embracing a mindset that transcends traditional boundaries, encouraging openness to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities.

Collaboration as a Guiding Principle

Prioritizing collaboration as a guiding principle, with a focus on establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, customers, and the broader community.

Breaking Silos through Connectivity

Actively making connections across organizational silos to foster a culture of continuous optimization and innovation. Cross-silo connectivity enables seamless communication and cooperation among diverse ecosystem partners. 

Strategic Use of Digital Platforms

Employing digital platforms strategically to facilitate organizational growth. Leveraging technology to enhance processes, communication, and overall efficiency.

Critical capabilities for leading in business ecosystems

Many leaders are tempted to lead like a chess master, striving to control every move, when they should be leading like gardeners, creating, and maintaining a viable ecosystem in which the organization operates.

Effective ecosystem management requires a new mindset and skillset of leaders. Successful ecosystem engagement is quickly becoming an essential tool for fundamentally changing traditional management and leadership models.

Adapted from: Organizing for Business Ecosystem Leadership, Roland Deiser, Center for the Future of Organization

The Future fit leadership community hosts and facilitates partnerships to develop leaders that thrive in today´s dynamic, digital, BANI environment:

Boundary-Spanning Skills

To collaborate with diverse stakeholders and technology partners across multiple industry sectors, and navigate complex power dynamics to succeed

Strategic Competence

To create an ecosystem strategy, defining roles as an ecosystem partner, select ecosystem partners, and manage strategic partner relationships.

Relationship Skills

To support digital responsibility and trust, generative listening to co-create innovative solutions, and inclusive leadership to manage diverse systems and mindsets

Ambiguity Management Skills

To manage dynamic and ambiguous situations and ensure sound strategic governance, simple and transparent processes, speedy decision-making, and execution, and learning and adapting quickly

Digital Maturity

To leverage digital technology, mindset, and skills, develop data literacy and use advanced analytics for strategic and organisational change



Leadership in the Ecosystem: Purpose-driven leadership

We are purpose-driven: We aim to unite leaders from diverse global backgrounds and across generations to collaboratively address pressing social and climate challenges. By fostering cross-industry collaborations, sharing resources, and leveraging collective expertise, the community of leaders strive to use our collective capabilities to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that transcend organizational boundaries. Together, we seek to advocate for positive change and influence policies for the betterment of our interconnected world.

Here are our aspirations for the community:

1. Collaborative Initiatives:
Foster cross-industry collaborations where leaders join forces to create initiatives addressing global social, humanitarian, and climate challenges.

2. Shared Resources and Expertise:
Facilitate the exchange of resources, knowledge, and expertise among organizations, pooling collective strengths to tackle complex global issues.

3. Strategic Alliances:
Form strategic alliances and partnerships to amplify the impact of individual organizations, creating a unified front against social, humanitarian, and climate challenges.

4. Innovation Hubs:
Establish innovation hubs within the ecosystem, encouraging leaders to collaborate on sustainable solutions, leveraging technology, and driving innovation for positive global impact.

5. Advocacy and Influence:
Unite leaders as advocates for positive change, leveraging their collective influence to drive policy changes, promote sustainability, and address social and humanitarian challenges on a broader scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Fit Leadership Community is a Brand of TEC Leadership Institute GmbH in Starnberg (Munich). 

We developed a unique Framework to create Future Fit Leaders.

Our goal is to unite experienced and next-generation leaders, leverage their collective capabilities and potential, and promote a leadership philosophy that tackles organizational, social and environmental challenges.

  • We offer organizations and leaders a unique, systemic and science based 8-Point Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA). The FFLA can be taken as a Self-Assessment or a 360° Assessment. The FFLA evaluates an individual / leadership teams’ future-ready leadership capability and talent.
  • We provide customized Future-Fit Leadership Programs (FFLP) to build leaders competencies to lead in the current BANI environment.
  • We provide a Licensed Practitioner (LP) Certification Program entitling qualified and experienced consultants and coaches to independently administer the FFLA and FFLP within their designated territory.
  • We provide state-of-the-art materials to support the FFLA Debrief and FFLP, face-to-face workshops, virtual workshops, coaching, and blended learning.
  • Our FFLP is science-based and meets the challenges and requirements of global leaders in traditional and born digital organizations.
  • We are the only company that offers a comprehensive, systemic and science-based framework that defines, evaluates and develops leadership capability for the future of work.
  • Our unique and systemic FFL framework and approach to leadership development is firmly anchored in concepts that nurture the development across multi-generational workforce and enable the transformation of organizations.
  • We are a preferred provider of L&D consultancy, leadership development for several leading global organizations.
  • In collaboration with our clients, we identify their leadership strengths and development opportunities and adapt our programs to meet their development needs.
  • Tracking performance: We define performance criteria based on talent development and business performance metrics and track progress along key milestones.
  • Strategic approach: We are a strategic business partner to our clients, aligning the L&D and OD initiatives with the organizations strategic objectives.
  • Results Focus: Our L&D focuses on what matters and we achieve impact by employing OKRs to define objectives, deliverables and measure results.
  • Dynamic: We develop dynamic solutions to underpin change, disruption and uncertainty in the current work landscape.
  • We play a powerful role in enabling our clients and their organizations to enhance leadership capability of their employees.
  • We support and facilitate personal growth which enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.

FFLA = Future-Fit Leadership Assessment; a 360° assessment tool and Self-Assessment

FFLP = Future-Fit Leadership Programs

Yes, we do. We provide strategic consulting solutions and take a holistic approach to leadership development, talent management and organization development. We believe these three pillars should not be exist as vertical silos but collaborate horizontally to ensure that the organization has the requisite capability, people and leadership, culture and structure to support growth and performance.
Together with our parent company, we provide consulting solutions in change programs, agile transformation, people and culture development.
By providing consulting solutions, we can better understand challenges business units and people face daily.

Yes, we do provide the Future-Fit Leadership Program in the form of on-site presence learning or in virtual workshops. We work with your in-house HR, Learning & Development, Talent Team to develop customized learning solutions and workshops for your team.
Through in-house learning solutions and workshops, we bring our talent to yours, thus our experts work with your team in your conference rooms or training facility. Should a sufficiently equipped meeting room be unavailable our coordination team can locate a suitable offsite venue.

Yes, we have Licensed Practitioners who deliver the Asessments, Debriefs and Leadership Programs across Europe, UK, CH, Asia, MENA and the Americas. We also run the Future-Fit Leadership Development Program and conduct the FFL Assessment and Debrief online.

Yes, the systemic 8-Point Learning Program can be customized to integrate corporate values and align leadership development to our clients’ strategic objectives. In client meetings, we gather insights on our clients’ leadership and talent development objectives. We gather data on current leadership capabilities using the Future-Fit Leadership Assessment and together with the client we select those capability areas that should be prioritized, will have the most impact on business performance and are required for targeted talent development. We customize the FFLP program to address those needs.

We can adapt the program to your desired language. The FFLA is available in English and German. The Leadership Development Programs can be delivered by Licensed Practitioners in multiple languages. Many of LP are multilingual.

We price our services competitively. To receive a detailed quote please contact us via the form below

Welcome to the Future-Fit Leadership Community

Because exceptional leaders are not born - they are made.

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