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Future-Fit Leadership Framework


What is the Future-Fit Leadership Framework?

The Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) was developed through a collaboration between TEC Leadership Institute and the Organisational Behavior, Change Management, and Consultancy (OBCC) department at the University of Twente, NL. Drawing on cutting-edge insights from academic literature and leveraging the results of 31 scientifically published scales, this assessment lays a robust foundation for its core capabilities and key components.

​The FFLA revolves around adaptive leadership, offering a rigorously validated method to evaluate leadership abilities within the dynamic, digital landscape. By bridging conventional leadership methods with essential future-proof values and principles, the FFLA serves as a transformative catalyst, to drive positive change.

Designed to address the demands of navigating complex and uncertain environments in the digital economy, the FFLF defines and evaluates the critical capabilities required to lead with success in today’s evolving landscape.


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Each core capability is complemented by five sub-dimensions.

Each of these competencies is assessed and debriefed in our assessment.

What is the Assessment & Debriefing?

Our Future-Fit Leadership Assessment and Debriefing evaluate the readiness of leaders for the challenges of the workplace of today and the future of work. To assess this readiness, you can choose between two science-based assessments:

– FFL Self-Assessment

– FFL 360° Assessment



In the dynamic digital work environment of today, leaders are required to build their own and their team’s future-ready capabilities and lead the transformation of their organization. The Future-Fit Leadership Self-Assessment is a practical online tool that can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. After completing the assessment, leaders receive a comprehensive report that offers valuable insights into their key strengths and possible areas for development. 

This assessment is centered around the eight core Future-Fit leadership practices, which include Self-Awareness, Learning & Growth,  Adaptiveness, Collaboration, Empowerment, Innovation & Creativity, Inclusion, and Sustainability leadership. The eight Future-Fit Leadership Capabilities and Sub-Competences in the assessment have been extensively researched and align with the essential requirements for effective leadership in today’s dynamic, dynamic environment.

The Self-Assessment Report highlights the top five and lowest scores based on the leader’s self-rating in the core capabilities. It serves as a foundation for the leader’s ongoing journey of self-improvement and personal development. The feedback, combined with the leader’s self-reflection guided by targeted questions, provides a strong basis for their growth.

On completion of the Self-Assessment leaders participate in a one-hour Client Debriefing session with an accredited Future-Fit Leadership coach. During this session, leaders discuss their assessment results, delve into their development goals, learn how to leverage their strengths, and establish impactful growth objectives while addressing any obstacles hindering their progress.

On successful completion of the Self-Assessment and Debriefing Process, leaders gain a clear overview of their strengths and areas requiring development. They also formulate a well-defined development plan to bridge the gaps and position themselves to lead effectively in the ever-evolving landscape of the Future of Work.


360° Assessment

In the dynamic digital work environment of today, leaders are required to build their own and their team’s future-ready capabilities and lead the transformation of their organization. The Future-Fit Leadership 360° Assessment is a practical online tool that can be completed in approximately 40 minutes. 

Having completed their own self-rating, leaders nominate up to 12 respondents who can offer valuable feedback and observations on the leader’s behaviors and leadership style. The 360° Report, which includes self-assessment and feedback from peers, direct reports, supervisors, and other stakeholders, provides a comprehensive view of the leader’s strengths and potential areas for development.

This assessment is structured around the eight core Future-Fit leadership practices: Self-Awareness, Learning & Growth, Adaptiveness, Collaboration, Empowerment, Innovation & Creativity, Inclusion, and Sustainability leadership. These eight Future-Fit Leadership Capabilities and Sub-Competences have been rigorously researched and align with the essential requirements for effective leadership in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

The 360° Assessment report highlights both the highest and lowest scores, combining the leader’s self-assessment with ratings from the group of 12 respondents. This report forms the foundation for the leader’s ongoing journey of self-improvement and personal development. The feedback, along with guided introspection, offers a robust basis for their growth.

Following the completion of the 360° Self-Assessment, leaders participate in a one-hour Client Debriefing session with an accredited Future-Fit Leadership coach. In this session, leaders explore their assessment results, discuss their development goals from their own and others’ perspectives, they understand how to leverage their strengths, and establish meaningful growth objectives while addressing any challenges impeding their progress. The 360° process elevates their self-awareness and external awareness and provides insights into any disparities between their self-perception and how others perceive them. 

Additionally, leaders gain insights into how others view their behaviors, what is effective, and where their nominated group sees room for potential adjustments. This feedback is enlightening and empowers leaders to take decisive actions to cultivate an adaptive leadership approach that aligns with the demands of their role and the expectations of their diverse peer group. The comprehensive 360° process based on future-fit capabilities enables leaders to develop a well-defined plan for closing capability gaps, positioning themselves for effective leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of the Future of Work.


Your Benefits

Clarity & Alignment

Provides a clear vision and guidance for future-fit leadership development, ensuring consistency and an aligned approach to the aspired leadership ethos across the corporation and its ecosystem.

Succession Planning

Facilitates the recognition and nurturing of talent and high-potential leaders, evaluates their leadership competencies in line with adaptive leadership principles, and designs tailored development initiatives.

Cultural Transformation

Shapes the organizational culture by defining and reinforcing desired leadership values and behaviors that are particularly important in an era of constant change.

Performance Management

Integrates with performance evaluation systems, allowing for a structured assessment of leadership effectiveness based on dynamic leadership principles.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Strengthens the ability to attract and retain top talent by showcasing a dedication to an improved employee experience and leadership growth.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Adapts to evolving organizational needs, incorporating agility and innovation.

1. Interpretation of Results
The coach helps you understand the findings of your self-assessment and 360° report. They explore a detailed analysis of your strengths, areas for improvement, and potential blind spots identified in the assessment.
Interpretation of Results
2. Goal Setting​
Through collaborative discussions, the coach assists you in setting development goals based on the assessment results. These goals are tailored to address specific areas of improvement and align with your individual career aspirations and organizational objectives.
Goal Setting
3. Action Planning
The coach supports you in creating a practical action plan to enhance your leadership capabilities. This plan includes specific steps, strategies, and resources that individuals can utilize to work on their identified areas for improvement.
Action Planning
4. Skill Development
The coaching and debriefing process may include recommendations for skill development activities, such as workshops, training programs, or coaching sessions, to help individuals strengthen their leadership competencies.
Skill Development
5. Accountability & Follow-up​
The coach establishes a system of accountability to track progress and ensure individuals stay committed to their development goals. They may schedule follow-up sessions to review progress, provide further guidance, and make adjustments to the action plan as needed.
6. Support & Encouragement​
Throughout the coaching and debriefing process, the coach provides support, encouragement, and motivation to individuals. They create a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to reflect on their strengths and areas for growth, fostering a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

Community & Benchmarking

The objectives of the

Future-Fit Leadership Community are to:

1. Champion an adaptive, forward-thinking leadership philosophy:

We are dedicated to promoting an adaptive, forward thinking leadership approach that addresses today’s social and environmental challenges, while positively impacting employee engagement, customer satisfaction and, sustainable business performance.

2. Nurture a supportive and collaborative environment:

Our future-fit leadership community aims to cultivate an environment where mature and emerging leaders and participants can learn from one another, engage in idea exchange, and enhance their leadership approaches. We foster a culture of support and collaboration to facilitate awareness, understanding, growth and development.

3. Empower and support leaders in global corporations:

We strive to empower leaders and develop leadership capability within global corporations to cultivate human-centred corporate cultures that prioritize the well-being of individuals and harness their potential to drive business performance and create positive impacts on the wider community

By focusing on these three objectives, the Future-Fit Leadership Community aims to drive positive change, enable leaders to make a meaningful difference and create a sustainable and inclusive future.

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What YOU do

In the Future-Fit Leadership Community:

Case Studies


What our clients say about Future-Fit Leadership

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“The Organisational Behaviours, Change Management and Consultancy group of the University of Twente was actively involved in the creation of the ground-breaking Future- Fit Leadership Assessment. This comprehensive leadership model meticulously captures all eight dimensions and their respective five sub-dimensions, as outlined in the FFL book. Throughout the development process, we remained committed to drawing upon cutting edge knowledge from the forefront of academic literature in the field of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Psychology, which served as our guiding inspiration when selecting the key constructs.” 

– Dr. Lara Caraminati
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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Fit Leadership Community is a Brand of TEC Leadership Institute GmbH in Starnberg (Munich). 

We developed a unique Framework to create Future Fit Leaders.

Our goal is to unite experienced and next-generation leaders, leverage their collective capabilities and potential, and promote a leadership philosophy that tackles organizational, social and environmental challenges.

  • We offer organizations and leaders a unique, systemic and science based 8-Point Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA). The FFLA can be taken as a Self-Assessment or a 360° Assessment. The FFLA evaluates an individual / leadership teams’ future-ready leadership capability and talent.
  • We provide customized Future-Fit Leadership Programs (FFLP) to build leaders competencies to lead in the current BANI environment.
  • We provide a Licensed Practitioner (LP) Certification Program entitling qualified and experienced consultants and coaches to independently administer the FFLA and FFLP within their designated territory.
  • We provide state-of-the-art materials to support the FFLA Debrief and FFLP, face-to-face workshops, virtual workshops, coaching, and blended learning.
  • Our FFLP is science-based and meets the challenges and requirements of global leaders in traditional and born digital organizations.
  • We are the only company that offers a comprehensive, systemic and science-based framework that defines, evaluates and develops leadership capability for the future of work.
  • Our unique and systemic FFL framework and approach to leadership development is firmly anchored in concepts that nurture the development across multi-generational workforce and enable the transformation of organizations.
  • We are a preferred provider of L&D consultancy, leadership development for several leading global organizations.
  • In collaboration with our clients, we identify their leadership strengths and development opportunities and adapt our programs to meet their development needs.
  • Tracking performance: We define performance criteria based on talent development and business performance metrics and track progress along key milestones.
  • Strategic approach: We are a strategic business partner to our clients, aligning the L&D and OD initiatives with the organizations strategic objectives.
  • Results Focus: Our L&D focuses on what matters and we achieve impact by employing OKRs to define objectives, deliverables and measure results.
  • Dynamic: We develop dynamic solutions to underpin change, disruption and uncertainty in the current work landscape.
  • We play a powerful role in enabling our clients and their organizations to enhance leadership capability of their employees.
  • We support and facilitate personal growth which enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.

FFLA = Future-Fit Leadership Assessment; a 360° assessment tool and Self-Assessment

FFLP = Future-Fit Leadership Programs

Yes, we do. We provide strategic consulting solutions and take a holistic approach to leadership development, talent management and organization development. We believe these three pillars should not be exist as vertical silos but collaborate horizontally to ensure that the organization has the requisite capability, people and leadership, culture and structure to support growth and performance.
Together with our parent company, www.tec-leadership-institute.com we provide consulting solutions in change programs, agile transformation, people and culture development.
By providing consulting solutions, we can better understand challenges business units and people face daily.

Yes, we do provide the Future-Fit Leadership Program in the form of on-site presence learning or in virtual workshops. We work with your in-house HR, Learning & Development, Talent Team to develop customized learning solutions and workshops for your team.
Through in-house learning solutions and workshops, we bring our talent to yours, thus our experts work with your team in your conference rooms or training facility. Should a sufficiently equipped meeting room be unavailable our coordination team can locate a suitable offsite venue.

Yes, we have Licensed Practitioners who deliver the Asessments, Debriefs and Leadership Programs across Europe, UK, CH, Asia, MENA and the Americas. We also run the Future-Fit Leadership Development Program and conduct the FFL Assessment and Debrief online.

Yes, the systemic 8-Point Learning Program can be customized to integrate corporate values and align leadership development to our clients’ strategic objectives. In client meetings, we gather insights on our clients’ leadership and talent development objectives. We gather data on current leadership capabilities using the Future-Fit Leadership Assessment and together with the client we select those capability areas that should be prioritized, will have the most impact on business performance and are required for targeted talent development. We customize the FFLP program to address those needs.

We can adapt the program to your desired language. The FFLA is available in English and German. The Leadership Development Programs can be delivered by Licensed Practitioners in multiple languages. Many of LP are multilingual.

We price our services competitively. To receive a detailed quote please contact us via the form below

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