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Picture of Dr. Christine McCarthy
Dr. Christine McCarthy

Future of Work & Leadership Coach

Picture of Kai Hermsen
Kai Hermsen

Digital & Leadership Coach

Picture of Bec Heavens
Bec Heavens

Strengths, EQ & Leadership Coach

Picture of Dr. Karl Thomas
Dr. Karl Thomas

Innovation & Leadership Coach

Picture of Christoph Burkhardt
Christoph Burkhardt

Coach & Distributing Partner USA

Picture of Vijay Pravin Maharaja
Vijay Pravin Maharaja

Distributing Partner APAC

Picture of Joana Kakarli
Joana Kakarli

Learning Manager

Picture of Ly Richter
Ly Richter

Content Creator



The purpose of the Future-Fit Leadership Community is to bring together both experienced and next-generation leaders, harness their collective capabilities, and promote a leadership philosophy that addresses organizational, social, and environmental challenges. Through cultivating thriving, human-centered corporate cultures, our aim is to create a positive impact on the broader community.

Our Story

Future-Fit Leadership Community

The Future-Fit Leadership Community was established to confront the intricate leadership challenges of today, recognizing the need for a diverse and collective response. By actively listening to diverse perspectives, engaging with a variety of viewpoints, and uniting different areas of expertise, we strive to foster collaborative solutions that effectively address the multifaceted demands of leadership in our rapidly evolving world.


1. Diverse Team

The Future-Fit Leadership Team comprises a diverse group of professionals, including organizational psychologists, innovation experts, digital specialists, sustainability professionals, change makers, change managers, learning professionals, and leadership development experts. With a solid academic foundation in leadership research and three decades of practical experience in leadership development and organizational change, our team brings a unique blend of curiosity, engagement, knowledge and expertise.


2. Science based & practical

Leveraging our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we have created a scientifically validated Future-Fit Leadership Framework that is adaptive and dynamic. Our team, consisting of organizational psychologists, coaches, and consultants, collaborated closely with esteemed partners such as the OBBC group at the University of Twente and Organizational Psychologists at Podium UK, as well as leaders across various industries to ensure both the scientific robustness and practical relevance of the Future-Fit Leadership Framework.


3. Inclusive & Equitable Values

With over 20 years of experience working in CSR, our team’s core beliefs are rooted in inclusive and equitable values. Our personal philosophy and core beliefs have shaped our passionate commitment to people, the planet, and shared prosperity.

We firmly believe in the potential of every individual to be a leader. In today’s world, we recognize that it is our collective responsibility to construct corporations and communities that foster a healthy environment for future generations. Our dedication is focused on creating a sustainable and inclusive future, where leadership plays a crucial role in driving positive change.

Driven by our values, we strive to empower individuals and organizations to embrace inclusivity, equity, and sustainable practices. Together, we are building a better world where everyone has the opportunity to lead and contribute to a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.

Welcome to the FFL Community, a hub for discussions, learning, and experiences focused on the challenges leaders face in navigating teams and organizations in the digital economy, particularly in integrating AI into the workplace while preserving a human-centric culture. Our community is bound by values such as purpose, inclusion, people, sustainability, and shared prosperity.

That's what we stand for

Our Values

We emphasize the importance of our community purpose and align our actions and leadership efforts towards creating profitable organizations that have a positive impact on society, the environment, and stakeholders.

We promote a collaborative mindset and foster an inclusive and diverse community across the ecosystem that values teamwork, outside in and inside out perspectives, individual contributions, collective insight and shared and equitable success.

We are committed to lifelong learning and personal growth. We embrace new ideas and perspectives to continuously improve, and our curiosity, and willingness to learn from mistakes drive sustainable innovation.

We are committed to creating a more just and inclusive society, fostering equal opportunities for all individuals to thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and talents within the community and beyond.

We foster a culture of environmental responsibility and encourage innovative solutions to address the pressing sustainability challenges of our times.

We uphold high ethical standards, are honest and transparent. We take ownership for our decisions and actions and their broader impact on people, organizations and society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Fit Leadership Community is a Brand of TEC Leadership Institute GmbH in Starnberg (Munich). 

We developed a unique Framework to create Future Fit Leaders.

Our goal is to unite experienced and next-generation leaders, leverage their collective capabilities and potential, and promote a leadership philosophy that tackles organizational, social and environmental challenges.

  • We offer organizations and leaders a unique, systemic and science based 8-Point Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA). The FFLA can be taken as a Self-Assessment or a 360° Assessment. The FFLA evaluates an individual / leadership teams’ future-ready leadership capability and talent.
  • We provide customized Future-Fit Leadership Programs (FFLP) to build leaders competencies to lead in the current BANI environment.
  • We provide a Licensed Practitioner (LP) Certification Program entitling qualified and experienced consultants and coaches to independently administer the FFLA and FFLP within their designated territory.
  • We provide state-of-the-art materials to support the FFLA Debrief and FFLP, face-to-face workshops, virtual workshops, coaching, and blended learning.
  • Our FFLP is science-based and meets the challenges and requirements of global leaders in traditional and born digital organizations.
  • We are the only company that offers a comprehensive, systemic and science-based framework that defines, evaluates and develops leadership capability for the future of work.
  • Our unique and systemic FFL framework and approach to leadership development is firmly anchored in concepts that nurture the development across multi-generational workforce and enable the transformation of organizations.
  • We are a preferred provider of L&D consultancy, leadership development for several leading global organizations.
  • In collaboration with our clients, we identify their leadership strengths and development opportunities and adapt our programs to meet their development needs.
  • Tracking performance: We define performance criteria based on talent development and business performance metrics and track progress along key milestones.
  • Strategic approach: We are a strategic business partner to our clients, aligning the L&D and OD initiatives with the organizations strategic objectives.
  • Results Focus: Our L&D focuses on what matters and we achieve impact by employing OKRs to define objectives, deliverables and measure results.
  • Dynamic: We develop dynamic solutions to underpin change, disruption and uncertainty in the current work landscape.
  • We play a powerful role in enabling our clients and their organizations to enhance leadership capability of their employees.
  • We support and facilitate personal growth which enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.

FFLA = Future-Fit Leadership Assessment; a 360° assessment tool and Self-Assessment

FFLP = Future-Fit Leadership Programs

Yes, we do. We provide strategic consulting solutions and take a holistic approach to leadership development, talent management and organization development. We believe these three pillars should not be exist as vertical silos but collaborate horizontally to ensure that the organization has the requisite capability, people and leadership, culture and structure to support growth and performance.
Together with our parent company, www.tec-leadership-institute.com we provide consulting solutions in change programs, agile transformation, people and culture development.
By providing consulting solutions, we can better understand challenges business units and people face daily.

Yes, we do provide the Future-Fit Leadership Program in the form of on-site presence learning or in virtual workshops. We work with your in-house HR, Learning & Development, Talent Team to develop customized learning solutions and workshops for your team.
Through in-house learning solutions and workshops, we bring our talent to yours, thus our experts work with your team in your conference rooms or training facility. Should a sufficiently equipped meeting room be unavailable our coordination team can locate a suitable offsite venue.

Yes, we have Licensed Practitioners who deliver the Asessments, Debriefs and Leadership Programs across Europe, UK, CH, Asia, MENA and the Americas. We also run the Future-Fit Leadership Development Program and conduct the FFL Assessment and Debrief online.

Yes, the systemic 8-Point Learning Program can be customized to integrate corporate values and align leadership development to our clients’ strategic objectives. In client meetings, we gather insights on our clients’ leadership and talent development objectives. We gather data on current leadership capabilities using the Future-Fit Leadership Assessment and together with the client we select those capability areas that should be prioritized, will have the most impact on business performance and are required for targeted talent development. We customize the FFLP program to address those needs.

We can adapt the program to your desired language. The FFLA is available in English and German. The Leadership Development Programs can be delivered by Licensed Practitioners in multiple languages. Many of LP are multilingual.

We price our services competitively. To receive a detailed quote please contact us via the form below

Welcome to the Future-Fit Leadership Community

Because exceptional leaders are not born - they are made.

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