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Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) Accreditation


Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) Accreditation​

Get Accredited in The Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) – Developed by the TEC Leadership Institute team based on over 20 years research and practical experience in contemporary and emerging leadership concepts and approaches. The FFLA is grounded in cutting-edge academic insights and validated through 31 scientifically published scales overseen by the Organizational Behavior, Change Management, and Consultancy (OBCC) department at the University of Twente, NL.

The FFLA has adaptive leadership at its core, offering a dynamic approach to evaluating leadership abilities in today’s innovative, digital landscape. By integrating traditional leadership methods with future-proof values, the FFLA serves as a catalyst for transformative change.

Are you passionate about driving leadership excellence and organizational transformation? Our Future-Fit Leadership Assessment (FFLA) Accreditation equips you with the tools and expertise to administer professional client debriefs following the FFLA Self-Assessment and FFLA 360° Assessment, empowering leaders to achieve their full potential in the future of work.


FFLA Self-Assessment and FFLA 360º Assessment Accreditations:

  • Gain access to our exclusive FFLA Self-Assessment and FFLA 360º Assessment.
  • Acquire the skills to administer the FFLA Self- and 360º Assessments effectively within organizations or with individual clients interested in updating their leadership development.
  • Support leaders with their Individual Development Plan: from self-reflection and discovery to setting growth aspirations for emerging leadership requirements.
  • Support leaders understand the data from the reports, guide self-reflection and discovery, use feedback from peers, direct reports, and supervisors and create individual development plans.
  • Learn to facilitate FFLA debriefing sessions, with specific recommendations for using leadership strengths and closing skills gaps based on future of work scenarios.

Steps to Become Accredited in FFLA

1. Register
2. Self-Assessment
3. 360º Assessment
4. FFL Self-Assessment Debrief Guide
5. FFL 360º Assessment Client Debrief Guide
6. Development Recommendations
7. Debrief with coach, review your results and gain insights on future-fit leadership practices
8. Accreditation on completion of FFLA accreditation programme


  • Self- and 360ª FFLA Reports
  • FFLA Guidebook

Once you are accredited in the FFLA, Take the Next Step -> Future-Fit Leadership Program (FFLP) Accreditation

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